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Doggie Styles is a full service salon offering a wide range of services to dogs and cats.  Our prices reflect the time involved in grooming and can vary according to breed, temperament, choice of haircut, and condition of the coat.

  • Small and medium breed dogs start at $45 per grooming hour

  • All large breed dogs, specialty clips, geriatric  pets, and pets with behavioral issues start at $65 per grooming hour


Buster & Dharma, Shih TzusTHE FULL GROOM

The Full Groom is the whole package.  This service consists of a bath and blow dry. brush out, haircut, nail trim and ear cleaning.
As a general rule, longer coats take more time to maintain and are therefore more expensive.  Specialty clips are available upon request and are priced according to time involved.

Luke, MalteseBATH & TIDY

Our Bath & Tidy service is designed for light maintenance between full grooms, compromised of a bath & blow dry, brush out, nail trim, ear cleaning, trim face, feet, and sanitary area; it does not include a body clip.
The cost of a "B & T" is usually less than a full groom, depending on the length of the coat. Many clients find this service valuable, particularly in the colder months.  Dogs kept in full coat are priced according to time involved.



File_000'BBNT' aka 'FLUFF AND BUFF'
Our 'BBNT' service is a basic service including a Bath, Brush, de-shedding, nail trim, and ear cleaning.  This is a popular service for short-haired, shedding dogs or for those in need of a cleanup in between grooms.

All cats start at $55 for combing;
$75 for lion clips; bathing adds $20

Nail Grinding adds $5





Jewels, Yorkshire TerrierIf you would like to book an appointment, schedule a Meet & Greet, or get an estimate, don’t hesitate to give us a call; we are happy to answer any questions you have! 802-654-7387

Prices are evaluated every January, adjusted when necessary. Estimates listed here are base prices only; your groomer is available to further discuss prices if needed.


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